Academic Research

My research covers the broad area of robotics, and some specific areas I have worked in are soft robotics, mechanisms for advantageous robotic manipulation and legged robot locomotion, and modeling of robotic object manipulation through physics and AI. I conduct work under the mentorship of the Robotics department at the University of Michigan and the Advanced Robotics & Control (ARC) Lab at the University of California, San Diego. I plan in the future to investigate the design and control of robotic arms optimizing for low-cost and safety in collaborative environments. My papers and work are listed below.

Publications, Pre-Print, Workshop Papers 

Simulated Data Generation Through Algorithmic Force Coefficient Estimation for AI-Based Robotic Projectile Launch Modeling

Authors: Sajiv Shah, Ayaan Haque, Fei Liu

A novel method of modeling robotic launching of non-rigid objects using neural networks which are trained with supplemental simulated data, generated from algorithmic force coefficient estimation. Submitted to the 2021 IEEE Asia-Pacific Conference on Intelligent Robotic Systems (ACIRS).

Energetically Efficient Legged Robot Locomotion Using A Simplistic Variable-Stiffness Actuator

Authors: Sajiv Shah, Brad Saund

Implementation & design of a VSA for varying individual leg stiffness in legged robots, minimizing the harms of compliance. Allows for oscillation-less jump-landing, and benefits in speed, payload capacity, terrain management, and more. To be submitted to 2021 IEEE Conference on Automation, Control, and Robotic Engineering (CACRE).

Design of a Simplistic Variable Stiffness Actuator

Authors: Sajiv Shah, Brad Saund

Design of a variable-stiffness actuator based on a modified Series Elastic Actuator (SEA). Through co-contraction of non-linear antagonistic springs, achieve variable stiffness about a joint similar to the biomechanics of human muscle joints. Presented preliminary work at the Biology-Inspired Robotics Workshop at the 2020 IEEE Conference on Intelligent Robots&Systems (IROS).