• Sajiv Shah

The Robotic bartender project idea

Updated: Jun 15, 2020

I was surfing the internet like any bored 10th grader would do during World History class and I came across this image. It's Makr Shakr's mobile robotic bartender system that can serve and pour drinks that people order from their phones.

I immediately texted my brother a picture and told him we needed to make this.

The overarching project goal was simple: Create a robotic bartender and rent it out at parties.

We then dove into the engineering and decided on these things:

Around 36 alcohol bottles to choose drink portions from


max size of 40 in x 40 in x 85 in

Robotic arm that has a 36 in reach

Robotic arm can handle 16 oz. payload

Since the robotic arm is the center of this entire project and we wanted to make a custom one- that became the first priority in terms of engineering. The next few months will be spent on the design and construction of the robotic arm, and then we will move to the table and bottle setup.