• Sajiv Shah

The Inspiration and Idea

I think all of my project ideas have been born from YouTube. 5 years ago it was the idea to create a remote-controlled airplane, and yesterday it was the idea to break two Guinness world records by breaking the record for the fastest autonomous and fastest remote-controlled drone.

I was surfing YouTube and I came across a video from Boston Dynamics about the sand flea robot. This robot is a jumping robot, which apparently holds the world record for the highest jump, which is around 33 feet. Insane. I went to verify that by going to the Guinness World Records's website and found out that it was true. I didn't even know robots could hold world records.


Sitting on my couch, bored out of my mind, I scrolled through the Guinness catalog of world records and came across two interesting records. "Fastest ground speed by a battery-powered remote-controlled (RC) quadcopter" and "Fastest ground speed by an autonomous quadcopter". The remote-controlled record had already been set by the infamous Drone Racing League (DRL) at 163.5 miles per hour. The autonomous record was set at 36.97 miles per hour.

Thinking back to my drone racing days, when I cut my dad's nose and sent him to the hospital to get stitches, I realized that this is something I have to chase. I have to validate my life by getting this world record. I need my linkedin bio to say "Guinness World Record Holder". All jokes aside, for some reason, likely the same reason that made me spend hours on hours in my hot garage during all of middle school putting together foam-board airplanes and burning up motors, I felt that this is something I really wanted to do. And i am very determined to make it happen.