• Sajiv Shah

Bartender Arm #1 - The framework

To get some initial data so we could design the arm and choose necessary electronics, the data above is what we got started with.

The weight of the average drink we assumed we would be making was around 12 fluid ounces, but for design purposes we entered in 16.

The data from the weight of the cup was from the weight of a regular drink shaker, since we currently believe that we will be using one of those instead of making a custom one.

The reach of the arm was the estimated distance the arm would need to easily reach to be able to reach the farthest bottle if we have a layout of 36 alcoholic bottles, and the distance that it would need to bend down to pour was also measured. 34 inches max reach from the arm is plenty of reach.

The weight of each arm was a estimated weight. We reached that number by deciding that we would have some sort of thin plastic shell on the outside that covers a strong but lightweight inner skeleton structure, for example small aluminum box tubing.

Though this is very rough data, its what we will be using to determine how to manufacture and which electronics to use for this robotic arm