• Sajiv Shah

FRC #6 Intake requirements

The next subsystem deals with ball handling, and it's the intake. The subsystem has one goal: Bring the ball into the robot's feeder mechanism.

To reach that goal there are three things the intake subsystem must do:

1)Be able to extend/retract

2) Center the ball

3)roll the ball in

To complete the first task, we will likely use pistons, but the geometry for that is very dependent on the intake rollers, so it is more important to focus on that.

To center the ball, there are multiple methods. We can use multiple rollers, like our team did in 2016 and 2019 (example picture below) to center the ball, in a vertical or horizontal orientation, or we can use mecanum wheels.

The pros of the system above is that since the centering wheels (green ones) are motorized and have high traction, the syste, is very fast. The cons are that it requires three motors and is very heavy, so it also needs large pistons for deployment.

For our application mecanum wheels seem to be the best option because they are lighter and only require one motor.

To understand how mecanum wheels work here is a good thread: https://www.chiefdelphi.com/t/mecanum-wheels-how-do-they-work/132882/3

The things we need to prototype and test are:

1) The vertical compression needed on the ball to efffectively roll it in

2)The spacing between the mecanums and the amount needed on a roller

3)The speed at which mecanum wheels center effectively