• Sajiv Shah

FRC #5 Strafe mechanism

I recently finished the CAD for the strafe (math and design were in last two posts) and we decided to use a worm gear for the mechanism. The major reason was that when the match ends, the robot turns off and since the motor is not in brake mode, the motor disengages and the robot can freely slide on this wheel. However, with a worm drive, that is physically impossible because the gear would have to destroy the motor shaft to move.

This article explains it: https://www.machinerylubrication.com/Read/1080/worm-gears

The worm gear gives a 10:1 reduction, so we are using a 5:1 gearbox reduction that is a planetary gearbox on the motor.

The shaft the worm is on is a custom made shaft that has a baseplate mount, a round 3/8" shaft, 5/16" hex shaft, and 1/4" round all on the same axle. The worm gear is on a standard 1/2" hex shaft. With this mechanism we can slide on the bar at around 1.8 ft/s