• Sajiv Shah

FRC #3 Strafe Physics

Because the bar is a giant lever that multiple robots climb on, we need to be able to position ourselves so that we can make the bar level by evening the forces on each side. Climbing in the exact spot will be hard however, and in the case that another robot fails to climb on, we need a system to be able to slide on the bar.

The most prominent solution is also the simplest: A wheel to slide on.

Using a free body diagram, we can use simple force calculations to decide what torque the motor needs if we are using a 2-7/8" wheel. The max bank angle of the bar is 14 degrees, due to hard stops that prevent further swinging.

Using this and doing some math we find that the force is 165sin(14 deg) or 39.92 lbs. that multiplied by the 1-7/16" radius of the wheel gives us 57.4 pound inches of torque needed to strafe on the top bar.