• Sajiv Shah

FRC 2021 Infinite Recharge @ Home Strategy Part 6 (Final) : Kickoff Updates

This post is quite late, but on January 9th we found out many new updates to the FRC season that are going to change our game strategy largely.

FIRSTly (see what I did there), we learned that in-person gameplay is most definitely not happening for the regular season, which was sad to hear. Just one week ago in March, we learned that world's in Houston got canceled, which is even sadder. To allow a season to happen, FIRST made a new set of challenges at home for teams to participate in.

Looking at the part of the challenge that involves the robot design, there are 5 main "skill challenges".

  1. Galactic Search Challenge

  2. AutoNav Challenge

  3. HyperDrive Challenge

  4. Interstellar Accuracy Challenge

  5. Power Port Challenge

These five challenges are complex, but surprisingly, all that is needed for challenges 2 and 3 is a drivetrain, all that is needed for challenge 1 is a drivetrain and intake, and only challenges 4 and 5 require a full system of intake feeder and shooter.

This whole new set of challenges does kind of make the strategic decisions we made in the earlier parts of this series obsolete, so I am going to make a new series where I outline each challenge and discuss our strategy, and what that challenge outlines for robot design. Then I will jump into the design of two major components of our robot, the drivetrain and shooter.