Project Documentation

Theoretical Simulation and Prototyping of a Double-Flywheel Variable-Angle Ball Shooter

Saratoga MSET 649, March 2021

Covers the design and prototyping process for a ball shooter, beginning with a calculus and physics based trajectory simulator for launch modeling, as well as analysis of the dynamics of flywheel mechanisms. The work presented in this document was crucial for the final system design. (10 pages)

WestCoast Control-Optimized Drivetrain Design for 2021 IR@H Challenges

Saratoga MSET 649, March 2021

In-depth detailed explanations of how we designed the drivetrain for the 2021 infinite recharge at home challenges. Covers the basic dynamics of traction in mobile robots, and how we utilized various combinations of wheel types to optimize between traction and turning control. (5 pages)

2020 Offseason Swerve Drive Module Mechanical Design 

Saratoga MSET 649, November 2020

The rationale behind design decisions for a swerve drive module design. We desire a drivetrain with high traction and high maneuverability, which we plan to achieve through a controlled caster mechanism that allows the rotation of a wheel direction and rotation. (9 pages)

SOC-i: A CubeSat Demonstration of Optimization-Based Real-Time Constrained Attitude Control

The University of Washington, Seattle AACT

Publication of the work on a nano-satellite demonstrating optimal guidance systems through onboard reaction wheels and magnotorquers. Published in IEEE Aerospace Conference. Worked on structural assembly. (18 pages)