CV Preview

ADCS+Navigation || July 2020

Developed navigation system for CubeSats at the BeaverWorks Institute

MIT BeaverWorks SI

UW SOC-i Nano-Sattelite

Intern || August 2020 - November 2020

Designed structural components for a CubeSat demonstrating optimal guidance

UC San Diego ARC Lab

Research Intern || March 2021 - Present

Researching artificial soft robotic actuation for medical applications

FIRST Robotics Challenge

Hardware Lead || September 2019-Present

Mechanical design and hardware lead on Saratoga High's FRC team MSET 649

On the Rock Robotics

Creator || December 2019-Present

Creating automated and portable robotic bartenders to make parties nerdier

Towards Data Science

Writer || March 2021 - Present

Sharing experiences and ideas in Robotics to an audience of 550,000+ followers